Mary Berry is coming to our Pre-School Launch

We are launching NEW cookery classes for young cooks aged 2-5 years old with a parent helper

Tuesday Mornings @ The Christ Church Centre, Henley-on-Thames 

It’s never too early to start getting children involved in the kitchen but many parents understandably don’t know where to start. With a little help, children as young as 2 are extremely capable of making all sorts of delicious recipes in the kitchen.

By its very nature cooking is great fun for children.  Every class offers plenty of hands-on experience of preparing different dishes and having lots of fun in the process! As the children explore a variety of ingredients they will be encouraged to try new foods.  This is a great opportunity for parents with fussy eaters hoping to inspire their children to eat more fruit and veg and become less fussy at meal times.

Our launch party is on Tuesday 8th January with guest of honour Mary Berry.  Weekly classes start on Tuesday 15th January 2019.  Booking Required.

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#meatfreeweek #realbreadweek and other foodie hashtags

It’s always great to see that there’s other people out there fighting to push food education to the forefront of the agenda and highlighting its importance within our society today. So let’s take a look at other groups of people out there and their campaigns to improve food policy and education, cos sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone!

#1     JAMIE

Now hailed as a national treasure there are few others who have done more for this cause than “our” Jamie. May the 15th marks Food Revolution Day, this is a campaign to see compulsory practical food education back on the curriculum across the world. “By educating children about food in a practical, fun and engaging way, we can provide them with the knowledge and skills they so urgently need to lead healthier, happier lives.” well said Jamie, we couldn’t agree more! Sign the petition here.

#2      Nicole Pisani


|School Food Plan||Soil Association||Food for Life Partnership|

A woman after my own heart, Nicole Pisani left her job in Michelin starred Nopi in Soho and has taken up residency as chef for Gayhurst Community School in Hackney. Backed by the School Food Plan and the Soil Association’s Food for Life Partnership, Pisani aims to revolutionise the way we think about school lunches and the people that cook them. Read more about how Gayhust School and their new chef intend to make the kitchen an integral part of school life here.

#3 Childrens Food Trust


The Children’s Food Trust works with schools to improve children’s nutrition in the UK. They fight for improved standards for school meals and champion food education so that pupils can reach they’re full potential and go on to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Keep up the good work I say!

#4 Sustain

Some of the biggest food policy campaigns in the country such as Real Bread Week, Better Hospital Food, FoodSaveSustainable Fish Cities and The Children’s Food Campaign have been set up by this alliance. All these amazing projects aim to improve food policy from the way it’s grown and produced to the restaurant industry itself; a more sustainable food system could improve our health, environment, animal welfare and our food culture as a whole. Good stuff all round.

#5 Meat Free Week

Endorsed by chefs such as Raymond Blanc, Mark Hix and Rachel Koo to name but a few, this movement makes us reevaluate our perceptions of meat being the main part of almost all our meals. Meat production is simply unsustainable at such high levels of demand and the pressure on the industry is only set to increase with an exploding population. Not only does this bring up questions regarding animal welfare but it’s also having a damaging impact on our health and our environment. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall is another familiar face encouraging us to make the most of seasonal veg and become less dependent on there being meat at every meal time. This campaign has set everyone the challenge of going without meat for a whole week, do you think you could do it? Luckily here’s a few great recipe ideas to get you started.