Smart Raspberry is one of the fastest growing children’s cookery schools in the UK, delivering a fun and distinctive learning programme through a network of professional franchisees.

Ten years ago, Alicia Cronin was a full-time mum caring for her young family. She had always been passionate about cooking, thinking of ways to teach her own children how to prepare delicious, nutritious food in a fun and engaging way. They had so much fun together and her children developed a strong understanding of food preparation and the importance of eating well.

So when she realised that many families were struggling to find practical ways of encouraging their own children to learn about food and eating well she developed the Smart Raspberry learning programme and started delivering classes and workshops, parties and after school sessions close to home so that she could still care for her family.

Fast forward to today and Smart Raspberry has grown into a successful business, delivering classes to thousands of children each week through a family of franchisees who have created their own businesses to work around their family’s needs. We are proud to say that our growth so far has been largely organic having developed a programme that our loyal customers love and keep coming back to enjoy. And what’s more, they tell all their friends about us to.

Smart Raspberry offers a credible, flexible and proven business model that can be adapted to work around your own circumstances. Whether you want to work part-time around your family or full-time doing something you are passionate about, you can build a sustainable business for yourself that has the potential to offer fantastic rewards, delivering a fun and valuable service within your community.


tick Build your own business that is flexible to your own circumstances

tick Be part of a successful national brand that offers experience and knowledge so that you don’t have to start from scratch

tick Feel supported by our team who provide all the necessary tools, training, guidance and advice to help you build your business

tick Have the ability to build a profitable business from an affordable investment



There is one thing that all our franchisees have in common and that is their love of cooking and an instinct for passing their knowledge onto the next generation. Our business owners have very different backgrounds and bring different life and career experiences to the table. Some have teaching experience and want to continue teaching the Smart Raspberry programme personally, whilst others have chosen to focus on managing their business through a team of teaching professionals. Either works well and both result in a rewarding business model.

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Asma Awan, our Milton Keynes business owner first came across Smart Raspberry Cookery School whilst looking for a birthday party idea for her daughter, she says;

‘Becoming a Smart Raspberry business owner was the best thing I ever did! I have always loved cooking with my daughter and she has developed a love of food as a result. So when I came across Smart Raspberry I soon realised this would be the perfect opportunity to start a business doing something that I loved whilst still looking after my family’s needs. What’s more, I get all the support I need from Alicia and the HQ team, which means I can really build something that offers fantastic rewards.’

If you’re thinking of becoming a Smart Raspberry business owner, we ask is that you are passionate about food – healthy, delicious and nutritious food. Being good with children and a desire to teach the younger generation a valuable life skill is incredibly important. Being confident flexible, enthusiastic and hardworking are good traits to have when setting up any business but with Smart Raspberry, we’ll provide all the support, training and materials you’ll need along the way so you just need the confidence to get going.




Smart Raspberry is an established, fast growing brand which has a fantastic reputation. We have thousands of satisfied and loyal customers who have been happy to recommend us over and over again to their friends and family. We’ve spent the last decade developing a good reputation so that you don’t have to. Instant access to a positive brand will set your business on the right track instantly. When becoming a Smart Raspberry franchisee you’ll have rights to use our trademark, brand name and logo, as well as our business systems already proven to deliver fantastic results.


Most of our franchisees want to work close to home so we’ll give you an area that is big enough for you to grow a rewarding business but the right size to allow you to manage your resources effectively.  We ensure that all our territories have the right number of schools to deliver enough after school clubs to make an excellent profit, as well as the right facilities to deliver private classes and workshops.


We have developed a vast catalogue of lessons plans specifically designed for delivering the Smart Raspberry programme through both a network of primary schools, as well as private classes, workshops and parties

As a franchisee you will be provided with all the plans, recipes and equipment you’ll need to deliver the Smart Raspberry programme.


One the most difficult things when starting out is that none of us know what skills we’ll need to run a successful business. With our experience, we do know and we want to share that knowledge with you and provide you with all the support you’ll need to start building your business fast.

We’ll ensure that all our franchisees have their DBS certificates, attend a comprehensive three day training course and receive the very best ongoing training, support and advice by an assigned account manager, as well as having access to our franchise forum where our business owners are encourage to share their own ‘on the ground’ knowledge and experiences with each other.


Not only do we supply a detailed operations manual that documents all you need to know about running a Smart Raspberry franchise, but we provide all the training, support and practicalities you’ll need to get your business up and running. We know that you need contact details for schools in your area so that you can organise after school clubs, we know that you’ll need sales and marketing materials to be able to sell your services effectively and we know that you’ll need business stationary and technical support to be able to communicate to your customers. We’ve got it all ready to go so when you become a franchisee, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to do your job.


We believe that a Smart Raspberry franchise is an affordable investment and offers an excellent return for your money. We calculate the initial investment based on a small percentage of your potential annual earnings and then ask for an ongoing fee to continue to access the support and programme materials so that you can build a sustainable business.

Get in touch for an informal chat about your potential Smart Raspberry business and what’s involved in becoming a franchisee.


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