Having fun to create a lasting inspiration
for cooking and a love of food.



Providing clear instruction to encourage good
habits around food and its preparation.



Instilling ideas of balance, proportion and the
role of food as part of a healthy lifestyle.


October Half Term Workshops

Bucks (BeaconsfieldHigh Wycombe),  Epping & Woodford, Kent (North Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells), Leighton Buzzard, London (Brentford, Southgate), Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire ( Henley on Thames), Peterborough, Swindon.

Smart Raspberry Cooking Classes for Kids

Here at Smart Raspberry we are committed to teaching children of all ages about the importance of being able to cook for themselves and others. Instilling in our students an understanding of nutrition and basic kitchen skills, but most importantly fostering an ongoing curiosity about the food they eat.

Through cooking classes for kids, extra-curricular clubs and workshops in schools, we introduce your child to exciting recipes which are nutritious and well balanced. This creates a foundation and encourages healthy eating as they grow into adulthood.  At our cookery classes we learn about different ingredients, try new foods and develop skills for life. Our classes are friendly, relaxed and fun, attributes that make it a lot easier and faster for children to learn. We keep our class sizes small to tailor our support and encourage individuals whilst we cook up a wide range of delicious dishes.

Our children’s cookery courses are delivered by our fantastic team of franchisees and teachers who are passionate about cooking and LOVE good food.  We’re also all passionate about passing our skills on to the next generation. We take this responsibility very seriously, but we love to have fun and we actively encourage a hands-on approach – it’s the best way to learn!

Children’s Cookery Courses

We offer classes for pre-schoolers, children, teenagers and those going off to University.  We work closely with pre-schools, nurseries, primary and secondary schools by offering tailored workshops to fit into the curriculum as well as extracurricular classes. Our after-school cooking classes are particularly popular and we currently teach more than 700 students each week across our network.  We also host school holiday workshops and weekend classes.

Children’s Party Ideas

As well as all of that, we provide cooking parties for children.  If you’re looking for something different for a birthday treat this year then a Smart Raspberry party could be the answer!

We know how important it is for children (and their parents!) to have a special day and our parties ensure a memorable birthday for all.  Imagine what fun your kids could have learning how to cook their own party food in one of our children’s cooking parties!  We’ve got some fantastic cookery party ideas to ensure yours is a great success!

Getting involved is really simple. If you are a school, you can partner with us so that together we can integrate cooking into your curriculum, making it lively and adding more value.  If you are a parent looking for a great kids cooking school, have a look around our site and please do get in touch with us.  We look forward to welcoming you along to our classes and hope you love them as much as we do!

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