Hear From Our Team

Why investing into a franchise opportunity at Smart Raspberry was the right career move for Asma, Gee, Melinda, Farhan & Yasmin


Asma, our Milton Keynes business owner first came across Smart Raspberry Cookery School whilst looking for a birthday party idea for her daughter, she says;

“Becoming a Smart Raspberry business owner was the best thing I ever did! I have always loved cooking with my daughter and she has developed a love of food as a result. So when I came across Smart Raspberry I soon realised this would be the perfect opportunity to start a business doing something that I loved whilst still looking after my family’s needs. What’s more, I get all the support I need from Alicia and the HQ team, which means I can   really build something that offers fantastic rewards.”

Gee, our Epping and Woodford business owner says;

“Cooking and food have always been major passions for me. My joy of cooking began in my grandmother’s kitchen preparing traditional dishes. I owned a catering company in London, specialising in Mediterranean cuisine, and managing events.  I relish the opportunity to teach with Smart Raspberry, if you love something it is instinctive to share it with others.”

Melinda, our Leighton Buzzard business owner says;

“I became the proud owner of the Smart Raspberry Cookery School franchise in Leighton Buzzard, Dunstable & Luton.  My original background was in catering; but even though I moved away from the food industry to work in retail management and then administration and training; I have always loved cooking and enjoy creating delicious dishes for friends and family.  Starting your own business is hard, but I have lots of support from the Smart Raspberry Head Office and I am doing something I love!  In the future I hope to grow my business by having another enthusiastic cook work with me, so that I can expand into more schools and start a Saturday Cookery School.”

Farhan and Yasmin, our West London business owners say;

“After signing the Franchisee document we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Two months down the line and we have fully booked After School Clubs, regular Weekend Classes and a range of different holiday workshops planned for the future. We have truly been blessed with a unique opportunity that has the potential to grow into an empire.”


If you want to find out more about the franchise opportunity please head over to our franchise page